Carex Assorted Flavours 12’s Condoms

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Carex Assorted Flavours 12’s Condoms
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•This Pack in Flavour (Apple) ,Red (Strawberry),Yellow (Banana),Purple (Grape),Orange(Orange)

•Premium Malaysian Condoms

•From the world's largest manufacturer of condoms

•Imported - International Quality Condoms

•Texture - Smooth and Parallel sided Teat-ended

•Conforming to ISO and European Standards

Carex condoms are specially designed for enhancing the pleasure in making love. Conforming to ISO 4074, each condom is individually lubricated, electronically tested and hermetically sealed to ensure unfailing quality. Carex is manufactured by world's largest and most trusted manufacturer - which also manufactures for most of the international best-selling condom brands in USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Singapore etc. Carex is made from premium quality natural rubber latex.


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